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Hi everyone 😘
I'm Ariane, also known as Noxie
I'm a Sysadmin in Switzerland. I love cooking, makeup and gals. I am transgender, lesbian and poly-amorous. I am very open about all that and really don't mind talking about it so don't hesitate to dm me.

Also I am totally not the kind of gal who set up her own instance just to try the platform and have her own emojis :girl_giggling: :girl_giggling:

*walks into ocean*
*refuses to elaborate*
[men's perfume ad]

@redfrog le nom de la rose, livre très difficile à lire mais fantastique, le film est génial également et est une adaptation relativement fidèle. On y retrouve énormément de ces thématiques mais sous le prisme catho (ie la voix du peuple -> la bonne parole, la conspiration étrangère -> les païens, contrôle de la sexualité -> chasteté etc.). Vraiment une bombe sous forme de polar médiéval.

Chose marrante, dans l'idée d'ancrer le livre dans le contexte historique, il a fait ce qu'on faisait à cette époque. Personne n'écrivait un livre de A à Z, le concept d'attribuer une œuvre littéraire à quelqu'un n'existait pas et, du coup, les droits d' non plus. Du coup des passages entiers d'autres bouquins étaient copiés et insérés dans la nouvelle œuvre. Le nom de la rose a pris ce format là. On y retrouve des bouts complets d'oeuvres libres de droits et pour celles qui en avaient encore des imitations écrites dans le style de. Du coup c'est génial mais ça rend la lecture confusante et difficile.

Je conseille énormément le film puis étendre au bouquin si l'envie persiste. Bon ya pas Sean Connery en slip rouge mais ya Sean Connery avec une coupe au bol... Donc ça va 😂

It's almost like all these fake gamer guys are just in it for the attention and never cared about the games...

The year is 2122, we have seized the means of production, public transport is free and easily available, the few cars that still drive do so autonomously with zero accidents, Half Life 3 has been released and all our power needs are fulfilled by nuclear fusion.
You update your Linux system:
( 1/23) upgrading xorg-server

On the Fediverse, sometimes it's time to deploy the techbrosterone blockers

I'm streaming my Stardew Valley challenge where I can only leave the farm on festival days!

It's gonna be a very eventful stream because we're almost at the Night Market which will be the one time per year when I can leave my farm while shops will be open!

Come join me at

Faites vous tous des barques et on va se faire une grande sorte d'ile flottante en mode solar punk techno travelers au milieu de la grande flaque :)

the more you learn about colonisation the worse it gets 

things I knew:

- my home area was taken from Guarani and Jê folk (Kaingang and Laklãnõ)
- forest folk had sophisticated agroforestry technology that the coloniser failed to even see, let alone understand
- many "agricultural" staples where domesticated by Amazonian folk that the coloniser called "hunter-gatherers" "without agriculture", including potato, yam, cocoa, manioc, chilli, peanut, tobacco, and a whole lot of fruit and nut trees
- that technology supported large, federated populations with roads and river "cities", that early colonisers reported on, later Christian historians dismissed as myth, and archeologists up until recently failed to spot. LIDAR technology, new evidence gathered after rampant deforestation, and a small softening of colonial prejudices has now proved the old stories right.
- we only ever got any reasonable documentation of indigenous folk after they were deep into postapocalyptic conditions, after 1500. most ethnobotanical knowledge is lost.
- my native biome, the Atlantic forest, was a product of human engineering, like the Amazon forest; from the soil to the selection of trees, everything was stewearded by human residents
- in the long night of 500 years, the native population has been genocided upwards of 97%
- in the long night of 500 years, the distinctive araucaria pine, along with the Araucaria Atlantic forest it supports, has been ecocided upwards of 97%.

things I didn't know:
- human-useful trees like açaí, cocoa and Brazil nut are "hyperdominant" in the Amazon, several orders of magnitude more frequent than what they'd be without human management (227 tree species, or 1.7% of total known, make up more than half of it; açaí is the single most frequent tree.)
- Amazonian people hunted little, and their agroforestry focused on tree crops more than grain or tubers. They fished often.
- by contrast with coloniser agriculture, indigenous cultures seemed to have a knack for diversity and experimentation within the ecosystem. the Caiapó developed 56 varieties of sweet potato; the famously polyamorous Canela, 52 broadbeans; the Baniwa 78 chili cultivars, etc. etc.
- in the Atlantic area, the Jê were nomadic and cycled through food sources through the year
- for the autumn period when the araucaria produces that staple of my childhood, the pinhão nut, they would hang around araucaria sources as their primary source
- the onset of Kaingang-style underground houses happened circa 1000 years ago
- the araucaria pine population starts exploding in the fossil record ca. 1000 years ago
- the conflicts between Kaingang, Laklãnõ and colonisers were about araucaria trees.

so if I'm getting this correctly,

- ca. 1000 years ago, the Proto-Jê arrive. In the space of 500 years they turn the Atlantic Forest into the Araucaria landscapes we know.
- ca. 500 years ago, the coloniser arrive. in the same time period, they all but extinguish this whole high-biodiversity biome. for wood.

OH: The road to hell is paved with good inventions.

Bonjour Fedi 👋

Café serré
avant de souder
Et puis tout à l'heure
J'ferai un démarreur
Là je suis en train de lire du droit
Et ça m'donne envie de faire darmanin.

Bisous !

Si on demandait aux gens de lire et comprendre le code des douanes avant de concourir, yaurai tout simplement pas de douaniers.

(Et si on demandait à leur webmaster de savoir coder, ils n'auraient tout simplement pas de site web)

La météo: hummm oui il va pleuvoir toute l’aprem avec plein de nuages
La réalité: il fait 30 et y’a samer de soleil et j’ai pas vu une goutte de pluie encore

La météo: si si promis dans une heure il pleut
La réalité: toujours pas mdr

⚠️ PSA Kiwifarms going down 

If indeed kiwifarms is going to be down for good, please understand that y'all should expect a TON of new activity in the fediverse. We've seen it with other sites and this is no different. If you're an admin be prepared for adding new domain blocks, if you're a user do not shy away from reporting and please consider enabling follow requests and disable DMs from non-mutuals.

I know this feels like an overreaction, but better safe than sorry. 🖤

selfies, eye contact, a bit sexy 

I found my perfect lesbian look :girl_giggling::moving_butterfly:

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