Hi everyone 😘
I'm Ariane, also known as Noxie
I'm a Sysadmin in Switzerland. I love cooking, makeup and gals. I am transgender, lesbian and poly-amorous. I am very open about all that and really don't mind talking about it so don't hesitate to dm me.

Also I am totally not the kind of gal who set up her own instance just to try the platform and have her own emojis :girl_giggling: :girl_giggling:

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@Ariane love that u did set up ur own instance for yourself, its amazing.

@Ariane ooooooo I’m so close to self-hosting as well, what OS & server software did you go with? I’m hoping to find something relatively easy to maintain under FreeBSD

@Ariane Ariane, in an amazing coincidence, the astronomy photo you boosted just now was taken by a friend of mine that I haven't spoken to in years, and I had no idea was on mastodon! He and I are both in the same city in Australia, and I found him because a girl from Switzerland randomly boosted his post :)

That's kinda cool :)

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