selfies, eye contact, a bit sexy 

I found my perfect lesbian look :girl_giggling::moving_butterfly:

Not bad for my first job since forever ! I got and looking similar =)

There's a lot to improve, but for a I guess it's not too bad xD

Next : get tools online :menhera_heh:

Can't have git without some CI/CD :girl_giggling:


Why is my hair looking like that when it was beautifully curly yesterday! I did the exact same thing :dragnangry:



Very happy with my hair today 😍
I'm starting to understand my Babyliss :blobcatrainbow: :blobhaj_hug_plushie:


Top selfies from July as the month is coming to an end.

How was your July ? wanna share selfies and stuff ? go for it !

July 2022 was a wonderful month for me, I got to meet my girlfriend IRL, had a blast at work as we're in the process of deploying a production k8s cluster and I really enjoyed it all around ! :moving_butterfly: :transfeminine_pride_heart: :lesbian_spinning_hearts:



Today was a pretty day even though it wasn't the best 😔 at least I got that :moving_butterfly:


R is for Rainbow! 🌈 Rainbow flags have been waving in honor of the LGBTQIA+ community since 1978. These symbols continue to evolve and take new forms, like the 2018 Progress Pride Flag by Daniel Quasar. Together, let's learn what each of these colors represent!


When one is warm, the cold beer must be poured and the terrace conquered!


Yesterday was a lot of fun in ZH, what an amazing day it was !

I was very happy to see that building which has _individual_ trans flags + the standard pride flag !!! :trans_pride_heart: :pixel_flower: :stuffie_hug:

Hi everyone 😘
I'm Ariane, also known as Noxie
I'm a Sysadmin in Switzerland. I love cooking, makeup and gals. I am transgender, lesbian and poly-amorous. I am very open about all that and really don't mind talking about it so don't hesitate to dm me.

Also I am totally not the kind of gal who set up her own instance just to try the platform and have her own emojis :girl_giggling: :girl_giggling:

Noxie's Place

Small instance of @Ariane and her close friends. LGBT+ friendly Feminist Heavily moderated