@Elisa je t'aime fort :bunnewiggle:

Je suis heureuse de te voir sourire :blobhajhearts: :blobhaj_hug: :lesbian_spinning_hearts:

*walks into ocean*
*refuses to elaborate*
[men's perfume ad]

@Elisa miouuuu, gros bisous ma chérie d'amour

J'espère que le bus sera comfortable :jelhug:

@dolfsquare aah zut il était en français ton post :menhera_heh:​ suis fatiguée :girl_giggling:​ même si ça fait trois heures que j'essaie de dormir :flipcat:

@dolfsquare nooope.... I wear an ffp2 as soon as I feel the slightest itch in my throat. It's starting to get cold here, I'll probably start wearing masks in crowded areas again regardless until flu season ends.

But yeah most people really don't care :ablobcatcry:

@crowdagger ouai mais en attendant Doc faut bien qu'il compense à côté de Wynonna et Waverly :bunnewiggle:

@maia my girlfriend and I could sell the heat to a powerplant but we didn't find one where the bathtub doesn't glow blue yet :girl_giggling:

@Anzeliane especially the claws ! We need it for... Suff (notatalltoripthepatriarchyapart :girl_giggling:​ )

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